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Steeling the Soul

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Tash speaks in voiceover as a monstrous dog-thing appears in game.

Tash: Out of nowhere, a gnoll leaps from the trees. Roll Steel.

At the table, Farid is confused.

Farid: Steel… That’s different than Will?

Tash: Yes. Steel represents your nerve, how well you react to being shocked or surprised.

Farid rolls all failures.

Farid: Damn it!

In the game, Farid’s character screams at the gnoll. Emma’s character is unaffected.

Emma: Pass. No big deal.

An ogre with a human skull appears, pushing the gnoll aside. Farid falls backwards. Emma is still unaffected.

Emma: Is that all?

A massive demon head dwarfs both the gnoll and the ogre, its immense maw opening. Farid’s character falls on the ground.

Emma: Yawn.

Farid: How is your Steel so high?!

Emma leans over him, grinning.

Emma: You don’t know the things I’ve seen.


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