Two thieves stand outside a large building.

Thief 1: First, you’ll sneak in through the ventilation system. Then you’ll unlock the door for me.

Thief 2: You’re kidding, right? Vents are made for air, not people. I’ll never fit.

Thief 1 removes the cover of a vent easily large enough to fit a person.

Thief 1: Is that so?

Thief 2: Oh, sorry. Alright then, I’m going in…

In a meeting room, the air duct has crashed through the ceiling. Thief 2 lies on the floor, still partly wrapped in duct pieces. The onlookers in the meeting room laugh at her.

Onlooker 1: She thought she could sneak in through the vent! 

Onlooker 2: Don’t you know those are made for air, not people?

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