A tragic tale of forbidden love.


A giant flower opens, revealing a heroine with a flower outfit and glowing powers. Her mentor stands nearby.

Mentor: The gods have given you a new life, but they have one rule: if you ever express your affection for Leonardo, you’ll spontaneously combust.

Heroine: What the hell? 

The mentor pushes the unhappy heroine forward.

Mentor: For his own good and yours, you must go break his poor heart in the most devastating way possible.  

As the sun sets in the background, the heroine stands on a balcony, looking down upon her love, Leonardo. The mentor stands to the side, their head in their hands.

Heroine: I know you want to date, but if I express any feelings for you, the gods will make me spontaneously combust.

Leonardo: Woah, that’s messed up.

Heroine: Yeah, I need to find a new religion.

Mentor: This is not what I meant.

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