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Spirit Crusher


A minion is standing over the hero with a blade to their throat. The villain is standing nearby.

Villain: Wait! I can’t kill our darling hero so soon.

The villain makes a dramatic crushing gesture with their fist.

Villain: First, I must crush their spirit!

Hero: Do your worst.

The hero is sitting on a simple chair, a hand on either shoulder pushing them down. In front of them is a glowing screen. There is a look of dismay on their face.

We see the screen. Twitter is pulled up. 



  1. Dave L

    How could you guys show such HORRIFIC torture??

    You should at least have a content warning

    WARNING: This comic contains Twitter

  2. Cay Reet

    Boy, that’s an evil villain. LOL.

  3. Rose Embolism

    I just got linked to here from Twitter… ?

  4. Julia

    Villain: They still won’t break? Show them…the YouTube comments section! Bwa ha ha!!

    Hero: Noooooooo!!!

    • Sunny

      My partner did a 16 page paper on the horrors of the YouTube comments section… That’s probably worse than anything Twitter can offer

  5. Dave

    Oh my gosh XD

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