In a spaceship, the captain and security chief are speaking in the captain’s ready room. An ensign pokes their head in through the door.

Ensign: Captain, aliens have taken over the ship!

Captain: Security Chief, isn’t it your job to prevent this?

Security Chief: I’ll increase our security measures. It won’t happen again.

Much later, they are in the same ready room when a lieutenant sticks their head through the door. The captain looks grumpy.

Lieutenant: Captain, holograms have taken over the ship!

Security Chief: Sorry, I didn’t anticipate invaders that could go inside the computer. I’ll make some adjustments.

The next time, the ship’s doctor sticks her head through.

Doctor: Captain, my kid’s science project has taken over the ship!

Security Chief: Come on, who could have seen that coming?

Looking exhausted, the security chief stands next to a computer console. The captain watches with their arms crossed, and an engineering officer stands nearby.

Security Chief: Okay, Captain, I’ve installed the most rigorous, cutting edge security measures in the ship’s computer so that nothing can take it over, I swear.

Engineering Officer: Captain, the computer has become sentient and taken itself over!

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