Farid and Tash sitting at the table without Emma.

Tash: So, now that you’ve been eaten by spiders, what’s next?

Farid: I dunno. Being a mouse was fun, but I think I need a change.

Emma slams the Changeling: the Lost book down on the table. 

Emma: A changeling you mean. Prepare your d10s, it’s time for Changeling: The Lost.

Farid leans in to look at the book.

Farid: Cool. This is Chronicles of Darkness right?

Emma: They haven’t updated Changeling yet, so this is still New World of Darkness.

Tash: But I heard they’re publishing new editions of Vampire: The Masquerade and Mage: The Ascension. Wouldn’t that be the New World of Darkness?

Emma: No, that’s the new Old World of Darkness.

Farid: That means Chronicles is the new New World of Darkness.

Tash: So that would make Changeling the old New World of Darkness.

Emma hands them both character sheets.

Emma: Confusing names are but one of the many horrors you will face from the realms beyond Arcadia. Now get out your pencils.

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