In the game, kobolds emerge from the darkness around a campfire. Farid’s character confronts them while Emma sleeps behind him.

Farid: I wake up Emma, quick!

Emma [out of game]: Sorry, I can’t be woken up early. I have the Deep Sleeper trait.

Farid: Come on, there’s no way that’s a real trait.

Emma shows him the book.

Emma: See? It says I can’t be woken up before the appointed time.

Tash: She’s right. You’ll have to face the kobolds alone.

Farid: And you paid points for that? Why?

Emma: Getting enough sleep is very important for a growing sorceress.

In the game, Farid falls backwards as the first kobold leaps on top of him. Emma slumbers on.

Farid: We’re doomed!

Emma’s character sits up, yawning, as she blasts the kobold with a spell.

Farid: Huh?

Out of game, Farid looks skeptical.

Farid: What happened to “I can’t be woken up?”

Emma: “Before the appointed time.” You just had to wait for the end of your watch, silly.

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