In a ship’s shuttle bay, an ensign with a data pad is staring in shock at the two shuttles sitting in the bay. A commander approaches with a friendly smile.

Commander: How’s the inventory going?

Ensign: We have two shuttles.

Commander: Well, yes, we had two shuttles when we set out for deep space.

Ensign: According to the logs, we’ve destroyed five.

They stare at each other.

The commander gestures awkwardly toward the shuttles.

Commander: Well… obviously we can make them.

Ensign: We made one. We spent all month working on it together, and then we crashed it into a moon.

The commander takes the data pad and reassuringly puts a hand on the ensign’s shoulder.

Commander: Alright, don’t panic.

Commander: Since we’re supposed to have negative two shuttles, we’ll just convert these to antimatter, sign off on the inventory, and call it a day!

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