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Shadow Puppetry

Tash and Emma arguing.Emma summoning her shadow clone.


In the game, Tash and Emma stand before a foreboding demon’s lair. The lair is carved in stone, with torches on either side.

Farid (from off panel): The demon’s lair is dark and foreboding, you have no idea what’s inside.

Tash: Emma, would you care to scout it out?

Emma: No way, I’m not going in there.

Tash: Well, someone has to do it.

Emma: I’ll use my Shadow Twin power to make us a scout of pure darkness. Arise, my shadow!

Emma waves her arms and throws back her head, calling her shadow. Tash watches skeptically. Emma’s shadow rises up and becomes a silhouette of her.

Emma: Rise my shadow! Rise!!

Shadow: I live!

Emma gestures to the demon’s lair. Her shadow holds up a hand of refusal. Tash facepalms.

Emma: Good, now go see what’s inside that demon’s lair.

Shadow: No way, I’m not going in there.


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