A therapist sits in a comfortable chair with her clipboard talking to someone offscreen.

Therapist: How do you feel when you think about taking initiative? Scared?

A tall man with a leather jacket and an angsty expression sits in a similar chair.

Man: Never scared. I know what I have to do and I do it, even when it’s like cutting out my heart and eating it.

A more zoomed-out shot shows the therapist, the man, and another chair next to the man’s. A petite woman in feminine getup is curled up in it, peeking out from behind a pillow. A sign on the wall reads, “Hetero Romance Therapy.” The therapist looks exasperated.

Therapist: That question was for your girlfriend. Again, please let her answer.

Man: She’s not my girlfriend, I just protect her with my life.

Therapist: You’ve said. We’ll work on that next session.

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