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Real Life


Two heroes stand before a dark and gritty fantasy fortress.

Hero 1: You can’t go into that death trap! This isn’t some story where everyone gets their happy ending.

Hero 1: This is real-

The heroes stop and watch as a line of miniature blue kangaroos in striped socks floats past.

Hero 2: You were saying?

Hero 1 [defensively]: It could still be a tragedy!



  1. Grandala

    Ha,ha! What are reality

  2. AlgaeNymph

    Hero 1 has a point. This surreality could simply mean they’re in a Bakshi film. Though those tend to thankfully not be tragedies.

    Still a good idea to avoid death traps, though. If nothing else it shows a character being intelligent, and the story maintaining plausibility. Floating blue mini-kangaroos wearing colored stripped socks notwithstanding.

  3. Dave L

    Floating blue mini-kangaroo: Everyone! All you FBMK’s! Stay close and stay alert! We’re in some real danger here! This isn’t some story where everyone gets their happy ending.

  4. Cay Reet

    Well, even in worlds with floating blue mini kangaroos, it’s still not wrong to work with common sense and not run into a dangerous situation. No matter how unrealistically cute those striped socks are on the kangaroos and how much I would love to have one as a pet.

    Great comic again! I’m looking forward to it every week!

  5. Erynus

    Given that i can’t be sure to be a main character, i’d have way MORE chances of dying in a fiction work than in real life.
    Authors are the natural predators of characters.

    • Kieran

      True. And even Ned Stark died, and he was a protagonist for the first book.

  6. CJ

    why did i find this funny…

  7. Star of Hope

    But life is not all misery or I am mistaken?

    • Cay Reet

      ‘This is real life and not a story, so story conventions do not apply’ – cue the floting blue mini kangaroos which are certainly not part of real life…

      • Star of Hope

        But they are to me!!!

        We would be nothing without cute animals jumping around.

        Now excuse me as I have to look after my water shooting and definitely not unrealistic Platypus!!!

        • Cay Reet

          Don’t get me wrong – I want a floating blue mini kangaroo as a pet.

          This is more of a joke on those stories which claim that they’re real life and, thus, the regular rules of storytelling don’t apply to them.

          • Star of Hope

            The whole obsession with being “realistic” in stories is not to be realistic at all, but being dark and gritty.
            Realism is more than just giving characters bad endings for their story, it’s about seeing what is really possible, and happy endings aren’t always unrealistic.

            I get the joke, I found it funny, hopefully they (Chris and Bunny) will tackle giant shoulder pads next.

          • Cay Reet

            Sooo many shoulder pads!

          • S.T. Ockenner

            Yes…but to them it is real life. They have only ever known a world of floating blue kangaroos. They aren’t in a fiction any more then we are, from their perspective.

  8. Chris Winkle

    Sorry folks, there won’t be a comic this coming Wednesday, as Bunny’s professors just drowned her in assignments. We’ll get one out as soon as she comes up for air.

    • Cay Reet

      Poor Bunny – but, yes, her assignments come first.

      Looking forward to when she has some air again.

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