On the bridge of a starship, the alien Commander Shmog is up on the view screen wearing a sly smile. Counselor Helen sits in a chair next to the ship’s captain.

Commander Shmog: What am I doing here? I think the real question is what you’re doing here.

Helen: Captain, my empathic powers tell me he’s hiding something.

Captain: Uh, yes. Thank you, Counselor. 

Commander Shmog steeples his fingers.

Captain: Commander Shmog, this is one of our outposts.

Commander Shmog: For now.

Helen: Captain, I sense he’s planning something.

The captain rubs their temples.

Captain: Counselor Helen, we have dozens of refugees on board that could use a kind ear. Could you please – 

Helen: Of course.

A refugee sits across from Counselor Helen, bawling their eyes out.

Refugee: I’ll never see my home again!

Helen: I sense a deep grief within you.

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