A princess holding an embroidery hoop sits in a small room with her tutor. Just outside the door, a roguish young man holding a pair of swords whispers to the princess.

Tutor: After you’ve completed your fifth stitch, you may enquire – 

Rogue: Pst! Princess! Ask for a washroom break, and you can sneak out to fence.

Princess: I’m in the middle of an embroidery etiquette lesson.

Rogue: That’s why you have to be sneaky.

Princess: But I like embroidery etiquette.

The tutor is staring at the princess, looking stern, while the princess looks defensive.

Tutor: Princess, who are you talking to?

Princess: A friend who wants me to sneak out, but I told him no.

The princess sags her shoulders as she stands, looking glum.

Tutor: How many times have we covered this? You are a princess. It’s your duty to sneak off from your girly lessons to learn weaponry. 

Princess: Yes, ma’am.

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