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In the game, Emma and Farid sit down with mugs of ale and plates of food inside a tavern. Tash speaks in a voice over.

Tash: After defeating the weasel raiding party, you sit down for a well deserved rest.

Farid: I finally realized why this game is so familiar, it’s like those Redwall books.

Emma: You’re right. Brave mice with swords, evil weasels, delicious food, it all fits.

At the table, Tash raises an eyebrow.

Tash: There is one major difference though.

Farid: What’s that?

Tash: Remember how in Redwall, mice and badgers are close enough in size that they can eat at the same table?

In the game, a badger rips the roof off the tavern, its mouth open and showing teeth. Tash speaks in a voice over.

Tash: Mouse Guard uses a more realistic scale.



  1. Paul

    *Attack on titan theme*

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Attack on Badger Episode 1: Take Back the Tavern.

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