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Powerful Incantation


Trapped by enemies, a couple bystanders look in awe at a mage surrounded by shadows.

Bystander 1: It’s the enchantress Thra! No one is more powerful than she!

Bystander 2: We’re saved!

The shadows around the mage are now distinct demonic shapes. The mage points dramatically at the enemies.

Mage: Isti furati vestrum prandium!

The shadows leap after the enemies, who run away. A bystander looks at Thra suspiciously.

Bystander 2: Did you just say “Those are the guys who stole your lunch” in Latin?

Thra, eating a shadowy sandwich: Shhhhh!



  1. Cay Reet

    Now that’s a clever use of Latin

  2. Grey

    Well, either the incantation was completely unnecessary, the shadow demons only take orders in Latin, or she wants to be mysterious.

    • Kieran

      I prefer the second one.

  3. Olivia

    I love that you did a Latin joke, and thanks for getting it so much better than the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!! One quick correction, though — ‘vestrum’ is the right form for prandium. It’s easy to think you think you need the genitive, but that possession is already built into the pronoun. It still just goes into the same case, gender, and number as the noun it modifies. Feel free to reach out to me for Latin language checks! I’ve ridden this dead language train through an MA and I would love to help perfect fun composition like this

    • Bunny

      Howdy there! Thank you so much for pointing out that correction. Does the Latin look right now?

      If we have future Latin queries, we will certainly reach out to you! The offer is greatly appreciated

      • Olivia

        Perfect! You guys do such awesome work. If it comes up again, I’ll enjoy helping out!

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