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Personal Destiny


A mentor stands dramatically in the doorway to the hero’s apartment.

Mentor: You must come train, for it is your destiny to vanquish the Evil One.

Hero: Ugh, really? In that case I’ll skip the training, since I’m predestined to win anyway.

Mentor: What? No. Destiny isn’t written in stone, you could still fail.

Hero: If it’s not written in stone, maybe you should do the vanquishing.

Mentor: Well, no… umm… Destiny specifically states that everyone else has a 0% chance of success, but you have a 5% chance.

Hero: *Sigh.* Fine. I’d better start my training.

Mentor: Also, destiny says you must circle the globe, find the lost artifacts, win the heart of a fallen star, and double knot your shoelaces.

Hero [glaring]: Could I talk to destiny’s manager?



  1. Grandala

    Hilarious as ever ! Keep up the good work Chris and Bunny

  2. Cay Reet

    I love it … I’m always looking forward to the comics, Bunny and Chris!

  3. SunlessNick

    Destiny’s just taking the piss now :).

  4. Dave L

    Destiny! Destiny!
    No escaping, that’s for me!

    -Young Frankenstein

  5. Sophie the Jedi Knight

    Ooh, looks like the Chosen One found a way to speedrun their quest! I like when the prophecies in these types of stories are more so “You are the only one who can wield the Sword of Power” or “Only you can enter the villain’s lair” to make the outcome have a some stakes. But oh my gosh, I love these comics. I look forward to them every week!

  6. Star of Hope

    Think about it, guys, gals and non-binary pals!!!

    The Hero poked a hole to the very concept of destiny by showing how any rush to fulfill it is rendered moot by providence without any aversion of it. If I am fated to die happily with my loved ones, I can be as cold and distancing as I want, I will still get loved ones seeing my die happily due to destiny. I would NEVER do that if this is my destiny, I would just act like I always would, kind-hearted and accepting, because it would not change me personally, such a fate is the one I would wish my the most alongside immortality. Others however, who are cold and distancing would feel no effort and just get it or even worse evil people.
    Another thing that makes prophecies scary are for instance the ones that say you will be evil, which IMO is a pretty cruel thing to be subjected to if you start out as good, which actually makes me think that a univers without any dictation might not be so bad.

    What do you think about this? Tell me in the comments below!!!

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