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At the table, Tash looks over her laptop at Farid and Emma.

Tash: For your characters to serve the Territories, you must first choose a rank.

Farid gets a confident look on his face. In the game, Farid’s bold Guardmouse stands with a sword at his belt and a swagger in his stance.

Farid: I’m a fresh furred Guardmouse who’s only just earned his cloak. He’s eager to face what’s out there.

At the table, Emma looks contemplative. In the game, Emma’s Patrol Leader is shrouded in a dark cloak, a patch over one scarred eye and a staff in paw.

Emma: My Patrol Leader is grey in the whisker. She’s seen what’s out there, and has a healthy respect for it.

At the table, Faird loots at Emma suspiciously.

Farid: I can’t help but notice that your Patrol Leader gets more skill points that my Guardmouse.

Emma: We need them to keep all you youngins from running off and getting eaten.


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