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Pandora’s Box


A woman holding an open wooden box jolts in surprise as a cloaked stranger berates her.

Stranger: Is that Pandora’s box?! You’ve doomed us all!

The woman closes the box.

Woman: It’s okay. It’s closed now, see?

Stranger: You can’t close Pandora’s box! Its contents are everywhere.

The woman holds up a broom.

Woman: So I’ll clean it up.

Stranger: It’s not dust sitting on the floor. It permeates the very air around us.

The woman holds up a vacuum tube.

Stranger: No, it’s an ethereal presence with no substance! Just give up. We’re doomed, and there’s nothing to be done about it.

The woman stares at the stranger for a moment.

The woman turns on the vacuum and holds the tube out to the stranger. The stranger gets sucked inside.

Stranger: What? No! I’m an ever-present evil that cannot be contained! Cease this at once! Nooooooo!

The woman struggles to stuff a vacuum bag back into the box.

Woman: Crap.



  1. Cay Reet

    Go, Ghostbusters! LOL.

  2. SunlessNick

    Logically, opening Pandora’s box would be perfectly safe now – the ills of the world are already out and about.

  3. Slayd

    Another comic already? Feels like just yesterday we got last week’s. Keep it up, these are super entertaining!

  4. Star of Hope

    So the evil was this paranoid nuisance? Great subversion!!!

    Next trope you should subvert is the popular “Taste of your own medicine! ” trope, because ut would be funny how you two would manage this!

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