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A mysterious stranger in a purple cloak is at the door of an orphanage, talking to a mildly surprised caregiver.

Stranger: I’ve come in search of a child!

The caregiver now has a wide plastic smile. They gesture to what looks like a large open baby carriage.

Caregiver: Of course! Would you like a shopping cart?

As the stranger pushes the cart, the caregiver is showing the stranger a variety of small children inside the orphanage. The children have glowing necklaces, or are fighting with toy swords, or are floating slightly.

Caregiver: What type of orphan are you looking for? One with an ancient amulet and unknown parentage? Or how about one with an odd scar and prophetic dreams? I recommend waiting on any child with roguish charm, those are best off the street during their urchin phase.

The stranger points offscreen with intense eyes. 

Stranger: What about that one?

The stranger and the caregiver stand near caution tape forming a pen around an average-looking girl playing with a grubby toy horse. A sign above and behind her reads: WARNING: Orphan appears completely normal.

Caregiver:  For that one you have to sign a liability waiver.



  1. Cay Reet

    Clearly, that seemingly normal orphan is a dark lady in the making.

  2. Jeppsson

    This is where Batman shops.

    • CJ

      I mean not wrong

  3. Circe

    This is one of the most accurate comics on this site.

  4. LeeEsq

    The normal one is the most expensive one because kids without special skills need a lot of investment and help.

  5. Kieran

    This sounds like a very good premise for a story.

  6. LeeEsq

    Story idea: Person with prophetic dreams speaking to a rather ordinary psychologist and/or psychiatrist trying to deal with them as an ordinary patient with ordinary psychological problems.

  7. Julia

    It’s a trap!

  8. Circe

    Normal orphans shall soon be extinct in the world of fantasy.

  9. Richard

    I just want to give you a tip of the wizard’s cap for having two kids playing Nine Man Morris! There are PLENTY of games other than Chess and “dice” that can be used to spice up your medieval-themed fantasy milieu.

  10. bedull

    The Normal Oprhan grow up to be a Normal Person who accidentally set the Heroes/Champion/Chosen One fall to the darkside thus causing Apocalypse/Fall of Civilization

  11. A.N.B

    First line of the transcript: “A mysterious stranger in a black cloak…”
    Me: *looking at the very purple cloak that the stranger is wearing* Meh it’s probably an oversight.

    • Bunny

      Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out! Purple-cloaked strangers are a level up

  12. Steelbright


    Also, I immediately just wanted to write a romance between cloaked figure and orphanage manager, not sure what’s up with my brain today

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