A mysterious stranger in a purple cloak is at the door of an orphanage, talking to a mildly surprised caregiver.

Stranger: I’ve come in search of a child!

The caregiver now has a wide plastic smile. They gesture to what looks like a large open baby carriage.

Caregiver: Of course! Would you like a shopping cart?

As the stranger pushes the cart, the caregiver is showing the stranger a variety of small children inside the orphanage. The children have glowing necklaces, or are fighting with toy swords, or are floating slightly.

Caregiver: What type of orphan are you looking for? One with an ancient amulet and unknown parentage? Or how about one with an odd scar and prophetic dreams? I recommend waiting on any child with roguish charm, those are best off the street during their urchin phase.

The stranger points offscreen with intense eyes. 

Stranger: What about that one?

The stranger and the caregiver stand near caution tape forming a pen around an average-looking girl playing with a grubby toy horse. A sign above and behind her reads: WARNING: Orphan appears completely normal.

Caregiver:  For that one you have to sign a liability waiver.

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