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Old World Medicine



At the table, Tash looks through the book while Farid describes her fate.  

Farid: The stress of succumbing to the Beast has damaged your mind. You gain a derangement. Look through the book and find one you think is appropriate.

Tash: Hmm… Fugue, no. Megalomania, that doesn’t fit. Hysteria? Really?

Tash and Emma both look irritated. Farid looks concerned.

Tash: Can I also get wandering womb as a derangement? Do I have the vapors?

Emma: Oh, maybe you can get dropsey, or an imbalance of humors.

Farid takes the book and looks through it.

Farid: Yeah, some of the terms are super outdated. I guess that’s happens when vampires get over 1000 years old.

Tash: We’ll see about that.

In the game, Tash sits at a desk, furiously filling application forms.

Emma: What are you doing?

Tash: Enrolling all the vampires in medical school.  

Emma: Hmmm… yeah, that should work as a derangement.


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