In the game, Emma and Farid are escorting a well dressed mouse-prisoner. Tash’s words appear in voice over.  

Tash: Now that you have Copperwood’s corrupt mayor in custody, you must take her back to Lockhaven for trial.

Farid: You’re coming with us, Your Honor.

At the table, Emma asks a question and Tash picks up the book.

Emma: Hang on, why does the Mouse Guard have jurisdiction over a criminal from Copperwood? Is the Mouse Guard some kind of military junta government?

Tash: I’m not quite sure, I’ll check.

Tash buries her nose in the book.

Tash: The Guard fought a war against the Weasels, so that would make them a military. But the Guard is sustained by donations from the other cities, so that would make them more of a charity organization. But how do they deal with the issue of municipal sovereignty? Are the cities allowed to have their own standing armies? ARE THEY?

In the game, Farid and Emma look exasperated.

Farid: So, are we going to escort the mayor for trial?

At the table, Tash is typing furiously.

Tash: Just a minute, I need to write a thesis paper about the Guard’s political implications first.

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