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Of Course of Course


In the game, Farid has deep bags under his eyes.

Farid: Ugh, I haven’t been able to rest for days. I keep getting terrible nightmares.

Tash: You’re probably being attacked by Fae creatures. I am wise in the ways of dream, so I will watch over you tonight while you sleep.

Farid goes to sleep with Tash standing over him. A mysterious figure appears at the door. Emma narrates in a voice-over. 

Emma: Your senses tingle at the approach of a dream-terror. You hear its heavy step upon the stair. You see…

The monster resolves into a normal looking horse. 

Tash: What? What is this?

Horse: I’m the Night Mare. I sit on people’s chests and such. Surely you’ve heard of me?

Tash and Farid both look grumpily at Emma. 

Tash: I’m not fighting that.

Emma: She doesn’t really want to fight, just horse around a little.

Tash and Farid: Nay.



  1. GeniusLemur

    I’m going to be pedantic here and point out that the mare in nightmare has nothing to do with horses. Mare in this context is a goblin or spirit that sits on the dreamer’s chest during the night to bring about bad dreams. It does not take the shape of a horse of have any particular equine features.

    • Bronze Dog

      Kind of part of the setting. Fae creatures break any neat boxes humanity tries to put them in, and often the folklore humanity’s developed are guidelines at best, or trivia about specific fae, rather than whole ‘species.’

    • Cay Reet

      You will, however, find references to a mare in art as well. The painting “Nachtalb” (which is, basically, a German expression for nightmare, albeit an old one) shows a demon sitting on the victim’s chest, but a white horse looking through the curtains.

      • Juan

        That picture terrorised me the first time I saw it as a child… And any time after

  2. Yonyonyon

    Farid is so so so beautiful, especially in later pages

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