In the game, Farid has deep bags under his eyes.

Farid: Ugh, I haven’t been able to rest for days. I keep getting terrible nightmares.

Tash: You’re probably being attacked by Fae creatures. I am wise in the ways of dream, so I will watch over you tonight while you sleep.

Farid goes to sleep with Tash standing over him. A mysterious figure appears at the door. Emma narrates in a voice-over. 

Emma: Your senses tingle at the approach of a dream-terror. You hear its heavy step upon the stair. You see…

The monster resolves into a normal looking horse. 

Tash: What? What is this?

Horse: I’m the Night Mare. I sit on people’s chests and such. Surely you’ve heard of me?

Tash and Farid both look grumpily at Emma. 

Tash: I’m not fighting that.

Emma: She doesn’t really want to fight, just horse around a little.

Tash and Farid: Nay.

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