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Nose Bleed


Hero 1 looks stricken as they cradle Hero 2. Blood trickles down from Hero 2’s nose.

Hero 1: No, my love, you can’t die!

Hero 2: Relax, it’s just a bloody nose.

Hero 1: What villain did this to you?!

Hero 2: Umm… dry air from the cold snap?

Hero 1 points their finger dramatically at an ice-powered villain nearby.

Hero 1: Cold Snap!!!

Cold Snap: I strike again! Mwahahahaha!



  1. Cay Reet

    Oooh, evil!

    Love it!

  2. Star of Hope

    I don’t understand the joke. I pictured the trope in my head a bit differently, so I don’t see what you are deconstructing Chris and Bunny.

    Can somebody explain me what the joke is, please?

    • Cay Reet

      That the non-bleeding hero thinks a simple nose bleed has to be caused by a villain and is a serious danger to the other hero’s health. It’s just caused by dry air in a cold snap, but, of course, it must be the fault of the villain Cold Snap.

    • wanderthe5th

      I think it’s referring to how TV/shows often signal that a character is dying by having them bleed from the nose or mouth. And how in real life nosebleeds can be relatively minor.

    • Chris

      I think it’s D&D reference (or possibly some other tabletop RPG). The text I saw under the link on the homepage said, “Characters are only bloodied when they fall below 50% health.” I don’t see that anywhere here, though, so it’s easy to miss.

  3. Béryl Asterell

    I had in mind the “other” nosebleed, I mean the manga one… which is a more decent way of signalling a very male problem when seeing an attractive person.
    So OK I understand the joke, but with the Japanese interpretation it’d actually have been even more fun !

    • Star of Hope

      Yeah I too got nothing out of this comic. We consume too much manga/anime.

    • Maria

      …we all assumed it was the “other” nosebleed :D. But I think the trope invoked here is similar to “cough of death”, where film makers use a common symptom to imply a terminal condition.

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