Comics: Roll Dice Already!

Never Fast Enough



At the table, Farid describes an encounter. Emma looks eager for blood. 

Farid: Your rivals corner you in a dark alley. The time for diplomacy is over, roll initiative!

Emma: Finally, a real fight where my powers can shine!

In the game, Tash and Emma stand against a bunch of enemy vampires. Tash has a knife out, ready to attack. Emma’s axe is at rest, and she’s considering. 

Tash: I attack with my knife.

Emma: Hang on, I’ve got a bunch of extra actions from my Celerity to figure out.

At the table, Tash and Farid watch as Emma plans her actions.

Emma: Let’s see, I could start with a Tackle, then save one for a Dodge, then a Sweep, oh, and I’ve got to put a Kick in there, but does that leave me any time to hit things with my axe?

In the game, the enemy vampires have grown board. Tash looks at Emma with irritation as Emma makes notes on a pad of paper. 

Tash: Emma, you gonna be ready soon?

Emma: Just a sec, I don’t have enough actions so I need to plan.

At the table, Farid looks exasperated, Tash is amused as Emma looks up from her calculations. 

Tash: Most of us manage fine with just one action.

Emma: The more you have, the more you realize you could be doing!



  1. Bronze Dog

    I’ve been there. See: Transistor.

    Given that I’m going to be foreshadowing a possible conflict between Buena Vista’s freehold and some vampires in San Antonio, I’m trying to read up on them.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      I love me some Transistor, is a great game. Are you using the vampires from Masquerade or Requiem? In Requiem, celerity doesn’t give extra actions anymore, thank god.

      • Bronze Dog

        Requiem. I’ve browsed a bit of the White Wolf wiki, and I was glad to see Celerity’s apparently been toned down. Given how bad multiple attacks is, I think I’m going to restrict anything that might give multiple turns.

        One notable exception: My mouthpiece NPC is going to be supporting the characters in some situations via Gamemaster’s Table (Recursion: See: Recursion) and Cheater’s Gambit, and one thing I’ll have him able to do in the most dire of situations: Give a PC an extra turn. The cost: He burns up all his Glamour and the players are on their own for the rest of the fight. Or at least as long as it takes for Ziggy to wolf down enough Goblin Fruit to recharge and reestablish the connection.

        • Oren Ashkenazi

          That’s a decent way to make sure the PCs don’t get overwhelmed in a fight that was accidentally to hard for them. I approve.

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