Minion points off page, looking panicked. The villain has steepled fingers and an evil grin. 

Minion: The hero has just made off with the crystal!

Villain: Just you wait, it’s all part of my plan.

A dark fortress burns in the background. The minion is crying while the villain still grins.

Minion: Our lair…

Villain: Just you wait, it’s all part of my plan!

Villain and minion are on the street in torn and dirty clothes, begging and picking food out of the trash. Behind the grinning villain, the disgruntled minion holds up a battered frying pan, ready to whack the villain over the head with it.

Villain: Just you wait –

The minion is talking to a guard. Behind them, the villain is lying on the ground, tied up. 

Minion: I’d like my bounty, please.

Villain: – it’s all part of my plan! Mwahahaha!

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