A scientist shows a mentor their fancy lab, complete with a couple large tanks.

Scientist: I’m bringing back the dead!

Mentor: You can’t! They always come back wrong.

Scientist: It’s okay, I’ve fixed that. Their body and soul will be identical to before, down to the atom.

Mentor: No, but… if you bring someone back, someone else has to die.

Scientist: That’s why I’ll have a vat of algae that’s equivalent to a person’s life force. And after it dies, it’s compostable!

Mentor: Look, you just can’t bring back the dead, okay?

Scientist: Watch me.

The scientist is at the dinner table with an elderly man in clothes from several hundred years ago.

Ancestor: Women wearing pants?! I’ll write the king and tell him they ought to go to prison with the atheists and rabble-rousing peasants.

Scientist: I did not think this through.

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