At the table, Emma rolls dice and they all come up failures. She stares at her character sheet and dice in disbelief. 

Emma: I failed to pray for my spells?

Farid: Yep. Failing your Theologian roll means I get to choose which spells the gods grant you.

Farid takes Emma’s character sheet, writes on it, then gives it back for Emma to read. 

Emma: The gods gave me Grace of the Lords of Plenty three times? But that’s a spell for making food last longer…

In the game, Tash and Emma look over their impressive pile of provisions. Farid speaks in a voice over. 

Emma: …and we have plenty of food.

Farid: Don’t be too sure about that.

A swarm of locusts descends and covers everything edible, devouring all of their supplies except for some moldy old bread. 

Tash: The spell will make this sterile, right?

Emma: Praise the gods in their infinite wisdom.

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