At the table, Tash is writing on her character sheet as Farid explains the rules.

Farid: As you set out to the abandoned mines, remember to write down your character’s Goal for this session.

Tash: That’s easy. My Goal is “I must rescue the hostage kobolds.”

Emma: Hmmm. If you succeed on a Goal, you get a Persona point, but if you only work toward it, you get a Fate point, right?

Faird: Yep, that’s why you need to pick something you can actually accomplish.

Emma: But what if I need Fate more than I need Persona?

In the game, Emma is swinging a lasso over her head, aiming at the moon. Tash looks on in dismay.

Emma: And that’s why I’ve decided that on this adventure, I shall work hard to lasso the moon!

Tash: I sense this is fated to fail.  

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