On a ship hovering in the atmosphere over a volcano, the captain bends down to help free a child from an ejection pod. 

Science Officer: Captain, we have to eject this child into the volcano!

Captain: What?!

The science officer angsts dramatically.

Science Officer: It’s terrible, but all life on this planet will perish unless his DNA fertilizes the lava, creating an embryonic cloud of life renewal.

Captain: Isn’t there another way?

Science Officer: I’ve agonized over every possibility. Cloning would take too long, no other DNA will work, and the embryonic cloud can’t be synthesized… The only solution is to dissolve this child in hot rock. 

Science Officer: Can you make the hard decisions?

The captain holds up a braid of hair she cut from the child’s head. 

Captain: My hard decision is to throw his hair in.

Science Officer [defensively]: I would have thought of that.

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