Tash is GMing for Farid and Emma.

Farid: I need a new sword. How many gold pieces is that?

Tash: We don’t track coins in this game. Roll your Resource Stat.

Farid rolls successes.

Tash: Success. You have enough coins to pay for your new sword. Mark a test towards advancing resources.

Emma: Wait. Every time we spend money, we get more money?

Tash: It’s a bit more complicated than that, but essentially yes.

Farid and Emma lean towards each other across the table, excited.

Farid: I buy a suit of platemail!

Emma: I buy an alchemical workshop!

In the game, Emma and Farid’s characters are bedecked in expensive armor and surrounded by supplies.

Farid: We can do better. Let’s buy the kingdom!

Emma: And then we’ll sell the king!

The roll comes up all ones.

Tash: Oh dear. With that bad a failure, I’m afraid your Resources are going to be taxed quite a bit.

Emma: What does that mean?

In the game, Farid and Emma’s characters are once again clothed in rags and supply-less.

Emma and Farid: Damn.

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