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Mirror Universe


Several average-looking science fiction characters stand before a rupture in the fabric of reality.

Mentor: Don’t go through there! It leads to the mirror universe, a dangerous place where everyone you know is evil and sexy.

Protag 1: That’s good advice, but now I’m morbidly curious.

Protag 2: And I’m horny. Let’s go.

They walk through.

On the other side, shocked versions of themselves are covered in thick outfits from head to foot.

Mirror Protag 1: Invaders from the mirror universe!

Mirror Protag 2: Wow, we look sexy.



  1. Cay Reet

    LOL … they come from the Mirror Universe, then? Stands to reason that sometimes the mirror people should actually skip over, too.

    • Bellis

      I’m pretty sure they do that on DS9.

      Though tbh when I looked at the first panel here I was immediately struck by how cool their clothes look! I should have been suspicious…

    • A Perspiring Writer

      Star Trek: Discovery did that too, right?

      The example I’m aware of (from season 1) is probably a spoiler, so I won’t mention it here.

      • A Perspiring Writer

        Or maybe season 2, I’m not really familiar with the show tbh.

  2. Si

    I have to say, this is a little abstruse for me. I know it’s not the done thing with humour, but could someone please explain.

    • Dave L

      A few times on Star Trek the main characters crossed over into an alternate dimension where their counterparts are evil, and, typically more sexually aggressive. The male characters had slightly sexier uniforms. The female characters had significantly sexier uniforms

      In accord w/ a standard trope “Evil is Sexy”

      • SunlessNick

        Allegedly sexier.

      • Chris Winkle

        Star Trek is definitely best known for this, but other shows like Dark Matter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have also done it.

  3. Lyrica

    Not gonna lie, I would cross too…

  4. Alex Lund

    Why not take it even one step further – you know The man in the iron Castle like?

    Open a door to a parallel universe, where you are the supreme leader of the Third Reich that rules the entire world.

    Open the second door and out steps you where you are General Secretary of the Communist World Government.

    Open the third door and out steps you, where you are the Living Saint that brought Peace to the world, including getting rid of all NBC weapons.

    Now your four versions take place at a table and then lets start the discussion about who is right or wrong.
    Should be fun.

    • Alverant

      That would be an easy discussion.

      I’m right.


      Especially when I contradict myself.

  5. Kieran

    So this technically means that the old lady lied to them. Since you know, they ARE from the Mirror Universe!

    • Cay Reet

      But they’re from the Mirror Universe including the old lady, so she’s EVIL!

    • Bellis

      So the logical conclusion is that we are each others’ mirror universes, so from their point of view, we are the mirror universe. They also probably consider us more evil than themselves, and find fluffy thick outfits very sexy! It all makes sense.

  6. Sophie the Jedi Knight

    If you’re ever feeling insecure about yourself, just know that, in a parallel universe, you’d be the sexier one.

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