A hero and sidekick sit in a coffee shop. The sidekick has a laptop.

Hero: We need a way to make money. Maybe I could use my X-ray vision to help hospitals.

Sidekick: What if I wrote stories about your exploits and put them online? Then we could sell T-shirts.

The sidekick has turned their laptop around to show the hero a bar graph with a steep exponential curve.

Hero: I appreciate the thought, but even with good source material, it would take years of learning, hundreds of hours of work, and then lots of marketing before – 

Sidekick: Already done it. And look, we’ve gone viral! 

The hero looks skeptical. The sidekick is standing to go, pulling the hero after them.

Hero: How could we possibly go viral?! We’re not that unique or sensational.

Sidekick: Come on! If we hurry, we can make it to our convention in time to be mistaken for cosplayers.

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