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Magic School


It’s parent-teacher night at the Academy of Magic. Two parents sit across from a grave-looking magic teacher.

Magic Teacher: This quarter, the Dark Lord attacked the school.

Parent: But you kept our son safe, right?

The magic teacher smiles soothingly.

Magic Teacher: Oh yes, he did fine during the fight.

Parent: Our son fought!?

Magic Teacher: Well… think of it this way: now he can put “defeated dark wizard” on his résumé.

Parent: He defeated this wizard?

Magic Teacher: He did, but not until after the Dark Lord killed another student, so he’s getting a C.



  1. Jeppsson

  2. Cay Reet

    I think if only one other student died, he should have got a C+.

    • Julia

      *raises hand*
      Um, Teacher, can we be graded on a curve for the next battle to save humanity?

  3. Erynus

    I’m confused. If he now bring the student back, will he get better or worse grades?

    • Slayd

      That depends. If he had moved on, but was permanently resurrected, his grade would be lowered for “messing with the forces of nature”. If he wasn’t permanently resurrected, there would be a touching scene between dead student and a sibling/love interest/ mentor, and his grade would be raised. If the student hadn’t moved on, and was permanently resurrected, he would get top grades for giving the student another chance.


      • Cay Reet

        Johannes Cabal wants a word with you.

        • Slayd

          How so?


          • Cay Reet

            To learn how to completely and perfectly resurrect a dead body for good. He’s been at it for ten years, his tries include selling his soul, teaming up with a succubine devil, and running a gauntlet of tests for the chance at some water from the fountain of youth. If there’s an easier way to revive his fiancé, he’d like to know.

    • Inner Prop

      I was kind of confused when my children got bad grades and could just make corrections and send them in for a better grade. What is that? IN MY DAY (ahem) you got what you got and that was it. I don’t know about these new-fangled wizard schools.

  4. LeeEsq

    This doesn’t seem right. Magic schools are usually boarding schools and boarding usually don’t have parent-teacher nights. Those are the domain of day schools. So if the kid went to a day school, he’d be boasting about defeating the dark wizard to his parents.

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