Two people stand outside the entrance to a building. A sign on the door says, “Danger: Monsters.” Magical chains are wrapping around the door.

Mage: Here, I’ll conjure some magical chains to secure the door.

Friend: Wait, Fred is still in there. 

Mage: Drat, well, that’s too bad.

Friend: What do you mean that’s too bad? Just unmake your chains.

Mage: Can’t.

Friend: Okay, then conjure something we can use to smash in the window.

Mage: Impossible.

Friend: Well, what can you do?

Mage: Hmm… unfortunately we’ll need to consult the oracle about this.

The mage opens a rift in the air, revealing a mountain landscape on the other side, and walks through.

Friend: You can open portals?

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