Two mages face off on a bridge over a deep chasm. Next to Mage 2 is a damseled bound prince.

Mage 1: Release His Highness, or you shall face a power beyond your ken.

Mage 2: No power is greater than the shadow from which I came. 

Mage 1 holds their hands dramatically in the air, creating bright light, while Mage 2 takes a powerful stance, summoning dark powers.

Mage 1: I cast the flame of purity, purger of shadows!

Mage 2: I quench your pitiful flame with the dark waters of the underworld!

Mage 1: I bring forth an explosive flare directly from the sun’s surface!

Mage 2: I summon Death itself, at level 9000!

Mage 1 is dangling in the air, held by a big shadow hand. Mage 2 is hanging off the edge of the bridge as fire passes by. The damsel stands between them, making calming gestures.

Mage 1: My spell has infinity death levels!

Mage 2: Well, mine has infinity plus one!

Damsel: It doesn’t matter who started it, it matters who ends it.

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