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Love at First Sight


Friend: How can you dislike love at first sight?

Susan: Because it’s a trick by the elder gods to lure in victims.

Love Interest pops his head through the doorway. 

Love Interest: Finally, someone who gets that love at first sight is obviously mind control!

Susan and Love Interest stare at each other with hearts in their eyes. 

Susan: I have never been so wrong.

Love Interest: Let’s run off together.

A view showing the room behind Love Interest reveals he is a small part of a creature of cosmic horror, its gaping maw waiting to swallow anyone who comes through the door. Susan walks mindlessly toward her doom.

Friend: Ummm… Susan?

Susan: Don’t stop me. I would lay down my life for my one true love.

Friend: Awww, that’s really sweet.



  1. SunlessNick

    “Susan, wasn’t that door not there a couple of minutes ago?”

  2. Erynus

    Love at first…sigh

  3. Cay Reet

    At least Susan was completely right about love at first sight – not that it will actually save her.

  4. Star of Hope

    Is Love at first sight an reality or an Stupid trope? I ask because I have never been in love before.

    • Star of Hope

      Or even know for that matter?

      I guess I am disqualified to write love stories,eh?

      Oh well, it’s an funny short story, how does it end?

      • Cay Reet

        According to my dad, it was love at first sight when he met my mum (they were married for 54 years – until my mum died). I guess there’s something to it, then.

        • Star of Hope

          Aww that is sweet. Though I must confess my condolences for your Mom’s death,sorry.

          • Cay Reet

            Thank you. It’s been well over two years now – we’ll never forget her, but the loss isn’t fresh any longer.

        • SunlessNick

          Mine too.

          • Cay Reet

            Thank you. It’s been over two years now, so the loss isn’t that fresh. We’ll never forget her, but it’s not hurting that much any longer.

    • A.R.

      I don’t know about romantically, but platonic love at first sight definitely is real. I’ve experienced that several times.

    • Angelo Pardi

      I’d say that most real-life love-at-first-sight stories are particularly bad cases of survivorship bias where the initial contact was good but nothing out of extraordinary and the subsequent successful relationship erase memory of every other good first contacts that happened but led to nowhere.

    • Gwen

      Love at first sight is a chemical thing that eventually wears off. Butterflies in the stomach erratic heartbeat the intense but often irrational desire to do anything for the person. It’s called liminance. It is not love, but lowers our defenses to get to know someone. This is a good thing and can lead to calm and enduring love. Immediate chemistry you can say.

      People who fall in and out of love often are usually in and out of this infatuation stage. Or they think the faded emotions mean a lack of love, but it’s nearly impossible to grow old with someone who you are in constant knots over. It usually fades in 1 to 3 years. After that goes away, you may have realized the lower defenses have produced real love, or you may not understand what you saw in the other person.

      But mistaking liminance for love can be a terrible mistake which is why it is wise to slow down the love train until you have been with the person for years. It is easier said then done.

      I adore my wife, she is my world, but I still can’t believe I gave her 10000 dollars after knowing her less than a few months. If she was a different kind of person, I could have been deeply hurt emotionally and financially. Liminance said I could trust her, but I didn’t actually know that well yet.

      10 years later it’s an example how “love” makes us fools. I suggest to everyone to wait for marriage until you don’t feel head over heels anymore. Wait a few years. Feet on the ground is the real love, when clouds stop fuzzing up the brain. It’s worth the wait.

    • Wondering_Piper

      I fell in love at first sight with my husband. I can remember the details of the moment intensely, especially the eye contact. I also knew that what I was experiencing was sudden and intense infatuation. The first year of our relationship was the only point in my life I even slightly considered having children, which is ultimately the whole point of it all. The “love at first sight” brain chemicals took over my rational mind. It is a real thing, and the brain chemicals make people do really crazy things they would never normally do. But it also doesn’t last longer than a few months – just enough time for our monkey brains to trick is into making a baby. The long term relationship part comes after the infatuation wears off and a mutual companionship has developed, which is far less sexy but much more rewarding.

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