Two explorers are out in a small boat on a misty day. Explorer 1 holds a map. The mist begins to part, revealing land nearby.

Explorer 1: This is the secret spot marked on the map.

Explorer 2: Is that… land? 

The two explorers stand on the shore of a vast land full of crystals. A person made of crystal greets them.

Crystal person: Welcome to the lost land of Crystaltopia!

Explorer 2: But this place is huge. Someone must have found it before now.

Explorer 1: Don’t you see? It appeared for us because we’re chosen.

A tour bus full of explorers appears in the background. Explorer 2 is holding a lit match.

Crystal person: That’s right. And better yet, if you sign up for the bus tour, you’ll get your hotel stay 25% off!

Explorer 2: Give me that map.

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