Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Load-Bearing Boss


The villain sits on the throne of their dark intimidating fortress, staring down the hero.

Villain: You won’t dare challenge me. My fortress is designed to collapse at the very moment of my death!

Hero: But how will your fortress know when you’re dead?

The villain proudly holds up their phone.

Villain: The new Smart Fortress 500 monitors my life signs, makes fireplaces flare up dramatically, and shuts doors menacingly behind my guests, all easily managed with my phone app.

The hero takes out a bouquet of purple flowers.

Hero: Oh, right. That’s also how I know the scent of lilacs will put you into a deep slumber.

Villain: Wait – what?!

The hero stands over the already snoozing villain.

Hero: Smart Fortress collects and sells your medical data.



  1. Cay Reet

    Always make your own life-checking app, kids, at least if you’re a villain!

    Great as always, Bunny and Chris!

  2. Adam Reynolds

    The other problem is that it would inevitably leak the location of your evil lair, which actually happened to otherwise secret US Military bases as a result of fitness app data.

    • Grey

      A postal worker figured out that nuclear research was being conducted at Los Alamos because most of the country’s top physicists changed their mailing address to the middle of the desert.

  3. Eli

    This is the very best comic I’ve ever seen. And it gave me a brilliant idea for a villain. Thank you

  4. Star of Hope

    Couldn’t the villian just program it into activating by command or just create an AI that activates it once the villian is incapitated?

    Next we will have a villian who has a point and it doesn’t matter?

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