A hero wakes up in a pod. Nearby, a caped mentor gestures to a big picture window. Outside stands a large golden statue of a god with glowing wings and halo.

Mentor: Awaken, new hero, to serve the all-powerful and gracious Light Bringer. He has tasked us with protecting his creations on this planet. Alas, the enemy has reduced our number greatly.

Awakened: If we’re dying, why doesn’t the all-powerful Light Bringer help us?

Mentor: He is very busy spreading peace throughout the universe! Also, he’s vowed not to interfere in the affairs of mortals, and he’s allergic to oceans. So he’s trusting us with this planet. 

They stare at each other for a moment. 

The mentor pulls up their cape in an effort to block the view out the window, where the eyes of Light Bringer’s statue glow red as it grins.

Awakened: He’s evil, isn’t he?

Mentor: What? No! 

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