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Life Goals


A teenage boy fights monsters in an empty school classroom.

Caption: My name is Cage Augustus, and all I’ve ever wanted is to be normal.

Injured and bloody, the teenager kneels on the classroom floor and speaks to the ceiling dramatically.

Caption: Instead, a witch cursed me to be faster, stronger, and more invincible than regular people.

Teenager: Why did you do this to meeeee?

The witch appears and waves a wand. The teenager looks happy and excited.

Witch: Okay, I’ll make you normal again. Just stop whining!

Teenager: Thank you!!!

At a cemetery, a gravestone reads, “Here lies Cage Augustus, who bled to death in his high school classroom.”



  1. Jeppsson

    At least he died free – free from the nasty oppression that muggles always inflict on supes like him, that is!

    • Cay Reet

      Yes, no more oppression from muggles.

  2. Circe


  3. LeeEsq

    Cage seems to be an unusual first name for somebody of Roman heritage.

    • StyxD

      I don’t think the name is supposed to point to Roman heritage. Maybe it’s like a reference to John Constantine?

      It does sound weird, I feel like “Augustus Cage” would have a little more regular ring to it. Then it would sound like a Harry Potter character instead.

  4. Cay Reet

    The lesson here is clearly ‘be careful what you wish for’ and when. I mean, he could have wished for a normal life after he’d been healed.

  5. Erynus

    That reminds me of an old youtube video about some guys that were saving off to get a surgery to become Wolverine. But they just had enough for either the healing factor or the adamantium claws.
    Guess what did they choose…

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