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Lie Detector


Two heroes stand over a minion that’s sitting on the ground, tied up.

Hero 1 [gesturing to minion]: Don’t worry, he’s telling the truth.

Hero 2: How can you tell?

Hero 1 [smugly]: When someone lies, their heart rate goes up. I can hear it with my super hearing. It’s a natural lie detector.

Hero 2: Wow, that’s really useful.

Hero 2 [blushing]: So, umm, I was wondering… maybe after this, if you might want to go out for dinner…?

Hero 1 points a dramatic finger at Hero 2.

Hero 1: Liar!



  1. Cay Reet

    Someone ought to tell Hero 1 there’s more than one reason for an increased heart rate…

    Fun comic again!

  2. Kit

    Ahaha, love the minion’s face in the last panel! Great as always!

  3. Grandala

    Wow! That was a good subversion

  4. Sophie the Jedi Knight

    Ha, I remember this exact scenario being discussed in that podcast! I love this use of the trope, excellent execution! These comics are one of my favorite parts of the week!

  5. Kieran

    Which is exactly while real lie detectors are useless in life. Heart rates tell you NOTHING. Fuck all. Million reasons for increased heart rate.

  6. Jarosch

    “I can hear changes in someones heart rate when the lie.”
    “Vampires have no pulse.”

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