Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Last Stand


Two heroes stand back to back holding their swords, ringed by red-eyed aliens marked with strange runes.

Hero 1: Well, it looks like they have us surrounded. It’s been good knowing you.

Hero 2: I could wish for no better death than to go down fighting beside you.

Two aliens stand in the foreground, looking on at the heroes.

Alien 1: Our attempts at communication still aren’t working. What if we brought in more translators?

The view zooms out to show that the heroes are surrounded by a gigantic horde of aliens trying to hold up signs or make gestures.

Alien 2: I don’t think that’s going to help, sir.



  1. Grandala

    Aliens trying to communicate with them rather than attacking them? Neat!

  2. Dave L

    Maybe if the aliens… spoke… veeery… sloooowly…

  3. Star of Hope

    That subverted my expectations. I thought they would die, now they would harm these peaceful people.

    • Cay Reet

      Yes, that’s a pretty nice subversion.

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