Comics: Roll Dice Already!

Laser Focused

In the game, Farid stands before a powerful noble of the Summer Court. 

Emma: If you wish to be crowned the Summer Monarch, you must defeat the one who currently rules.

The noble summons a laser of sunlight to demonstrate her power. 

She is… formidable.

Tash: Maybe you should let her be Monarch this year.

Farid: Doesn’t that power take a lot of glamour? How can she just keep using it?

At the table, Tash and Farid pour through the rule book. 

Tash: It says here the glamour cost is waived if she’s touching elemental gold.

Farid: Ah, that would be the crown on her head.

In the game, Farid leaps at his opponent. 

Tash: You’ll never get close enough to take it from her.

Farid: Watch me.


Farid is blasted by lasers, but he manages to grab the crown anyway. 

Tash: I think she won.

Farid: Yeah, but I got crowned anyway.


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