Tash and Farid talking about a meeting with the werewolves.The vampire prince is really racist to the werewolves.


At the table, Tash, Emma, and Farid discuss the upcoming negotiations.

Farid: The Prince agrees to meet with the Werewolf peace delegation. Now you must escort him there.

Tash: No problem. All he has to do is sign the treaty we negotiated.

In the game, Tash escorts a vampire prince to meet a trio of silhouetted werewolves. The vampire prince is dressed like an old-time nobleman.

Farid (Voice Over): You meet the Lupine representative in a neutral location.

Tash: My Prince, I’ve checked the location. The Lupines come in peace, as they promise.

Prince: Lovely, nice to know these dog men can be trained. Now let’s get this over with so they can see themselves out of my city.

The werewolves resolve from silhouettes into distinct figures. They and Tash all look shocked and appalled at the Prince’s racist language.

Tash approaches the lead werewolf.

Tash: I’m so sorry. He’s Sixth Generation, he doesn’t understand why talking like that is wrong. It’s not an excuse I know…  

Werewolf: It’s alright, you should hear my Pack Alpha when we have Changelings over for dinner.  

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