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Insane Accounting

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In the game, a tendril of light snakes out towards Farid’s frightened character.

Emma: For seeing a living radiation field from the depths of space, you lose 4 sanity!

At the table, Farid marks the loss on his character sheet.

Farid: Phew, not enough to make me go temporarily insane. Good to go.

Emma: Don’t forget to mark how close that makes you to indefinite insanity.

Farid: Right, right.

Emma: And write down how many sanity points you’ve lost from a color out of space. That’ll be important.

Tash: And it probably increased your Cthulhu Mythos skill, which you’ll need to write down because it lowers maximum sanity.

Emma: How many days has it been since you last saw a Color Out of Space, anyway?

Farid slumps against the table. Tash laughs.

Farid: You know, a guy could go insane trying to keep track of all this stuff.


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