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In the game, Farid and Emma’s characters stand over a pile of dismembered rock golems.

Farid: Whew, now that was a battle. Time to increase my Sword skill!

Emma: My Sorcery skill’s ready to go up too. All tremble before me!

Tash [out of game]: I’m afraid not. Both of your shills are so high they need a really challenging test before they can advance.

Farid: How is a pack of golems not challenging?

Emma: Fine, we’ll find something better.

In the game, Tash’s NPC points in the opposite direction from where Farid and Emma are walking.

Emma: All aboard the murder train!

Tash’s NPC: Heroes! I believe you’ll find your adventure lies in this direction

Farid: Nope. It’s skill grind time!

After defeating a grand high sorcerer, a small army, a nest of fire snakes and a coven of night witches, Emma and Farid, at the table, look skeptical.

Farid: Seriously, none of that was enough to raise our skills.

Tash: No. Not for skills as high as yours.

In the game, an immense dragon flies overhead.

Farid: Hark, Emma! Yonder, is that a dragon I see?

Emma: Why, yes, Farid. I also see a dragon.

Tash: Fine… there is a dragon now. I guess.

Stuff happens. The dragon is now asleep, looking satisfied. Tash and Emma’s voices come from its stomach.

Farid: Well, that could have gone better.

Emma: On the bright side, Tash didn’t say we had to succeed on the test.

Tash [out of game]: Yes, you both advance your skills. You are also dead.

Farid: Being digested.

Emma: Yeah be fair.

Tash: Campaign over, dudes.

That’s all for Burning Wheel. Next time, Tash, Farid, and Emma start a Lovecraftian adventure with Call of Cthulhu.



  1. AndrewR

    Pretty sure this is how all Burning Wheel campaigns end.

  2. Elizabeth

    Awesome– brought a real smile to my afec- my face I am sayin!!

  3. Dark Lord Thomas Pie

    I don’t think this is really the game for me…

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