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Imaginary Friend


A parent holds a vacuum while an investigator with a pen and notepad stands nearby. A kid has entered the room.

Kid: Danny doesn’t like the noise from the vacuum.

Investigator: Danny?

Parent: He’s their imaginary friend.

Investigator: But… isn’t Danny the name of the man who was killed in this house?

Investigator and Parent stare at each other, aghast.


The kid has a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. Around them sits several new toys. The adults lean in expectantly.

Kid: Danny says he also wants strawberry ice cream.

Investigator: Okay, but then will he tell us who killed him?

Parent: We still haven’t gone to the zoo like he asked.

Investigator: Right. After the strawberry ice cream and the zoo trip, will he tell us who killed him?



  1. Bryan

    Boy gets Chocolate, and Danny gets Strawberry? This relationship seems one-sided…

  2. Dave L

    Meanwhile, Danny’s holding a sign like in your Ghost Friend comic

  3. SunlessNick

    This is a neat counterpart to an old Far Side cartoon I remember:

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