At the table, Farid stands up out of the GM chair. Tash holds up a book.

Farid: Great ending everyone. What do you want to play next?

Tash: I’ve got a game for you to try. It’s full of quests and epic adventure.

Farid: Oh?

Tash slides into the GM chair.

Tash: Yes, and it’s got horror elements too, with monsters that want to eat you and everyone you love.

Emma: Tell me more.  

Emma and Farid lean in closer to Tash.

Tash: With only each other to rely on, you must protect the scattered settlements of your people, lest they fall to the deadly Wilds.

Emma and Farid Together: Let’s play!

Tash flips over her book to reveal the cover of Mouse Guard, showing a mouse fighting a snake.

Tash: Oh, and you’re mice.

Emma and Farid Together: Huh?

Treat your friends to an evening of ritual murder – in a fictional RPG scenario, of course. Uncover your lost memories and escape a supernatural menace in our one-shot adventure, The Voyage.

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