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Hunting for a Useful Skill

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Farid: Alright! Finally got myself the Hunting skill. Time to catch some delicious meat!

Tash: Ok, you find fresh deer tracks on the forest floor.

In the game, Farid’s character holds out a bow.

Farid: I roll Hunting to track them!

Emma: Actually, the book says you need the Tracking skill to follow tracks.

Farid: Really? Darnit.

Tash: Well, without the right skill it takes you a while to find anything…

Much later in the game, Farid and Emma come across a deer. Farid prepares to knock an arrow.

Farid: Finally! Now I just have to roll Hunting to shoot it.

Emma: Sorry, you need the Bow skill to shoot a bow.

Out of game, Farid is frustrated.

Farid: Are you kidding me? What is Hunting even for?

In the game, his character stomps off in a huff, throwing his bow on the ground.

Farid: Forget it, I’m going back to town.

Emma: You’ll need the Orienteering skill for that!

Farid: Grrrr…



  1. MattheW

    What /IS/ the Hunting skill even for?

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      I’m honestly not sure.

      • Henry Lancaster

        Maybe the Hunting skill is for skinning the deer and stuff like that?

        “You’ve succeeded with your Hunting roll, you now have: One set of antlers, 20 pounds of venison, and enough buckskin to make a simple pair of pants.”

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