In the game,  Emma and Tash stumble into town hungry, exhausted, and bandaged. They’re carrying huge sacks of loot on their back. Farid speaks in a voice over.

Farid: Getting back to town is a long and exhausting journey, but you have plenty of loot stolen from the bandits.

Tash: I cannot take another step. We must find somewhere to rest and recover.

Emma: Normally we sleep in the stables, but we’ve actually got money now, so maybe we can spring for an inn.

A well-dressed townsperson walks up to them with a flourish.  

Townsperson: Why settle for a mere inn? I’ve opened up a new hotel around the corner – softest beds you’ve ever felt.

Tash collapses under the weight of her loot sack. 

Tash: We’ll take it!

In the hotel room, Tash and Emma relax on soft beds piled high with pillows. Their loot sacks rest at the foot of the bed. 

Emma: He was right, these beds are so soft.

Tash: Perhaps I shall live in this room from now until I sail west at the end of days.

Emma and Tash sink even further into their beds. The hotel owner, wearing a mask, picks up their loot sacks and tiptoes out. 

Emma: Um, Tash, I think we’re being robbed, and I can’t move.

Tash: That’s all right. I’m never getting up again.

Treat your friends to an evening of ritual murder – in a fictional RPG scenario, of course. Uncover your lost memories and escape a supernatural menace in our one-shot adventure, The Voyage.

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